Our Pugs


Are you looking for a new family Member? 

We have adorable Pug puppies in San Diego, CA. Our facility has been open since 1999 and we specialize in professional dog grooming, dog showing, and providing you with high quality pets.

Pugs are a great addition to any Family. They are Charming, mischevious and their numerous facial expressions will keep you in awe. Pugs are a muscular small breed requiring basic care. Keeping them fit is crucial to their health, but is easily obtainable with their eagerness to play, run, and be involved in your activities; making a great family pet or a side kick to the adventurer.  You truly will not be able to resist the opportunity to Hug a Pug! 

Our Mamas & Dadas

All adults are apart of the Family!

  • Stud Champions are DNA+AKC registered

Our Puppies

All of our Puppies are in home raised, with children and other adult dogs to encourage healthy socialization. These adorable little wrinkles are

  • Vet Checked
  • 1st & 2nd Round Vaccinated
  • Microchiped
  • Dewormed prior to adoption at a minimum of 10 weeks old.

We offer written contracts and health guarantees.

Puppies are adoptable on site ONLY! We DO NOT SHIP!

We have decades of experience in breeding, grooming, showing, and taking care of dogs. 

We specialize in breeding Pugs and can answer all of your questions and provide you with as much information as possible.

Pug Hair Care

Pugs do require regular grooming, even though they have short hair. Wrinkles should be gently washed for optimal skin and coat health. 

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